Secure Online Screeners

Share your content confidently with buyers and reviewers and gain insight into who watched what.

Studio-Grade DRM

CineSend screeners are multi-DRM enabled, preventing users across all platforms from downloading and redistributing your content.

WidevinePlayreadyApple Fairplay

Personalized Watermarks Secured with PiracyDetector™

Watermark your screeners with your reviewers' individual contact information to deter screen-capture leaks. PiracyDetector is an "active" watermarking technology that monitors the integrity of the watermark and prevents unauthorized removal.

Powerful Analytics

Monitor the performance of your online screeners with advanced viewing analytics. Observe watch times, watch for drop off with heat maps, and review engagement from your reviewers.

Custom Screener Rooms

Group together your screeners and send them as one link to your reviewers. When you need to expire the link, all of the screeners in the group will become expired.

Custom Expiration Rules

Send online screener invites of your choosing securely. Monitor who has access, set expiry times and revoke to ensure only the correct viewers watch your screener.

Streaming Screeners

Stunning Quality on any Device

Your movies will always look their best across multiple platforms and devices with CineSend.