COVID-19 Response: Options for festivals at risk of cancellation



COVID-19 Response

Options to host Virtual Festivals

As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we at CineSend are doing everything we can to support our film festival customers and the industry as a whole.

We stand strong in our belief that film festivals play an important role in uniting our communities, something we need now more than ever in the current climate. In light of both voluntary and mandated cancellations of film festival events, CineSend is preparing assistance packages to film festivals looking to host “virtual festivals” to allow patrons the opportunity to watch programmed films in their own homes:

Small Events (<50 films)

Distribute links to patrons to allow them to watch films programmed at your festival.

  • Links can be branded with your festival logo, colors, and fonts
  • Customized expiry dates
  • High-quality, non-downloadable multi-DRM protected streaming video that works with all devices
  • Optional watermarks unique to each patron for enhanced security
  • "Watch reports" to provide filmmakers viewership data after the festival has ended

Large Events (>50 films)

Offer a custom, VOD viewing experience to patrons with all-access and single-ticket voucher codes.

  • Fully branded to match your festival's look and feel
  • Configurable custom "collections" and suggested playlists
  • Single-ticket vouchers for patrons to watch a title for a fixed time period
  • All-access vouchers to patrons who are eligible to watch everything for the duration of the festival
  • High-quality, non-downloadable multi-DRM protected streaming video that works with all devices
  • Optional geo-restriction

Assistance to existing CineSend for Festivals customers will include:

  • Extended and flexible payment terms on existing contracts
  • Reallocation of contract funds to cover costs associated with converting to a virtual festival

Assistance to non-existing customers looking to use CineSend to host virtual festivals will include:

  • Consumption-based pricing to reduce risk of non-adoption
  • Cost recovery (hard-cost only) fees on setup and software customization work
  • Rapid onboarding and deployment

For more information, please reach out to our festival team:

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