Cloud Storage & Delivery

Easy, quick and secure online storage and delivery, without file size limits.

Upload & Deliver Files Quickly

Gone are the days of slow transfer speeds and physical shipments. CineSend allows you to transfer large files quickly over the internet to save you time and money.

No File Size Limit

Unlike other cloud storage solutions, CineSend allows you to upload any file size to the cloud. If the transfer needs to be paused or becomes interrupted CineSend allows you to pick up where you left off with large file transfers.

Format Agnostic

FLV, MKV, MP4, it doesn’t matter. CineSend will accept any file format you’re currently working in.

Aspera & Signiant Built-in

We’ve partnered with the best file transfer services that are currently available to ensure secure and fast file transfers for all your files in CineSend.

Encrypted End-to-end

Ensure that your Film is secure and protected from piracy with UDP encrypted transfers on CineSend. We take your privacy and security very seriously when it comes to content and want to make sure you’re protected.